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(Fun Poll) Who is the sexiest summer sleuth? 

50 deviants said Amanda
39 deviants said Hannah
35 deviants said Kat
Just to really drive the point home (by means of a journal post), I have started another story competition for Amanda and my new characters. 

Rules are in this deviation but I will re-post them below so they can stay for the next month during the competition:

The Summer Sleuths are (from left to right) Hannah Duffy, Amanda Jones, and Kat Weber.

You can read more about each of them here:

Hannah - Introduction by Torqual3D Young Amanda Jones - Leaving School by Torqual3D Kat - Introduction by Torqual3D  

The theme of this dA page is glamorous misadventures, and I know you are just waiting for them to start.  Me too!  So I have decided to open this up to a story competition.  The last story competition proved to be very popular with over ten stories submitted - results and reviews here.

So, I am going to open this up again, and see where everyone would like to take my new characters.

The Rules
  1. Stories must be 500-5000 words in length.
  2. Stories must be either posted on your own dA page as a deviation, with a link in the comments below here, or (if you really want to remain anonymous) sent to me by means of a note, and I will publish them.  Please do not post stories here in the comments, only links to them.
  3. The story must feature all three Summer Sleuth characters with their outfits/appearance as above.  No superheroine or cheerleader versions!
  4. The story can be written from any protagonist's viewpoint: Hannah's, Amanda's, Kat's or a combination.
  5. The setting for the story is Europe during the Summer holidays.
  6. The theme of the story must be 'glamorous misadventures' with an emphasis on knockout or sleepy peril.
  7. Please read the background and tips below before writing.
  8. All characters are portrayed as of legal age and therefore stories *can* feature reasonably explicit or deadly scenes within the bounds of good taste.  If you want my definition of what that is, review the 400+ deviations in the gallery and pitch it at that level.  Please, don't submit anything involving rape or hard/gory snuff... this is not the place.
  9. Golden rule is that Amanda cannot die or suffer permanent harm or incapacity.  She has a lot more stories after this!
  10. The best scenes from your stories MAY appear as illustrations over the coming weeks. Authors will be credited.
  11. The competition will be closed after ten submissions received or 16th August, whichever comes first.  I will update the title here to say 'Competition Closed'.
  12. After closing, all stories will be also judged by a panel, and the winner will get a free commission from me.
  13. The judging will be done on a points basis with the following criteria:
    • Fit with the characters' back stories
    • Quality of interaction between the characters
    • Research and bringing the location to life
    • Build up to the scenes of peril
    • Peril scenes themselves
    • Aftermath of the peril scenes

Background and Tips

Key to getting this story right is to understand the character of Amanda Jones.  There is plenty of material in my Gallery to help you do this.  This story features a previously unexplored period in Amanda's life.  Normally she is portrayed as 20-21 years of age: a student at Harvard University.  She also had a brief career as a teen detective, while at boarding school, when she was 16-17 years of age.  During the Summer Sleuth Stories, Amanda is 18 years old and in between school and university. She is backpacking through Europe and has met the other two girls in a youth hostel.  They are now travelling together.

Amanda has a nose for trouble and an insatiable curiosity.  She acts as de facto leader of the trio and is likely to rush into investigating anything that seems out of place.  The other two may struggle to keep up.  Hannah is slightly older and more skeptical and seeks to protect Amanda.  Kat is terribly impressed by Amanda and believes that Amanda will keep her safe.  Try to think what strengths and weaknesses each of the girls brings to the team.

In keeping with the Amandaverse(?) it is a good idea to think about giving your stories a historical or crime theme.  Try to be more inventive than simply a run in with 'white slavers' (yawn) or some goofy teenagers that fall in love with the girls. Think about what sort of locations - real of invented - you can bring in such as old castles, museums, crypts, hotels, concert halls, monasteries... the sort of place that Amanda might visit.

If you really can't think up an idea to get you going, see the excellent suggestions from TH56ma3LZ  below.

In the end, you can either have the girls triumphantly solving a mystery and outwitting the bad guys, or failing miserably as you prefer(!)  But remember the golden rule - try to fit what you're doing into Amanda's life and remember that obviously she must survive with no permanent harm.  Please take (fairly) good care of her!

Suggested Storylines by TH56ma3LZ 

In Europe:
  • Girls are disappearing mysteriously from a backpacker's hostel in The Dordogne. Amanda checks in...
  • At a Berlin nightspot a magician hypnotises the audience who awake to find their valuables gone. Amanda goes under his spell...
  • Togas are in a twist when a Rome museum she is visiting has a priceless Imperial artefact stolen. Amanda gets gladiatorial...
  • In London kidnappers target a famous model who just so happens to be the spitting image of... Amanda awakes with a sore head... 
  • A train ride to Trieste and a mysterious countess spell danger: Amanda books her ticket...
  • A castle in Bavaria is reputedly haunted. Or is this a front to hide something illegal? Amanda joins a tour...
  • In Paris a suave jewel thief is all the news with his audacious crimes. Amanda sparkles as usual...
  • A hi-tech Brussels office, a billionaire magnate and strange weather patterns add up to all kinds of trouble: Amanda is gassed in an elevator...
  • Strange lights are reported in The Pyrenees. UFO's or something much more down to earth? Amanda scales the heights...
  • A teenage computer whizz knows a little bit too much and is pursued across Italy by agents of a foreign power. Amanda gets all geeky...
  • A trip to Munich results in a confrontation with an old adversary: Amanda combats Dr Schnell once more...
  • A crazed English collector of rare silent movies proves to be a difficult opponent: Amanda is tied to the tracks...
  • The owner of an English country manor is secretly the head of a coven of devil worshippers: Amanda is tied to the stake...
  • In Istanbul an old school friend is in serious danger: Amanda does some belly-dancing...
  • A British privatised railway company has punctual trains, cheap fares and no over-crowded carriages: Amanda just knows something is wrong here...


Hopefully we will see more great works by neehko ChloeStories perilsofdawn robopope25 Gwarmadillo pizzanerd1 Greeneyes80a gundam20012005 Mad-Man-with-a-Pen yellowplasma grimweird TH56ma3LZ as well as maybe a few more like WonderCuria-DD KOwriter1996 and SuikTwoPointOh this time?  Anyone from GirlDetectiveTrouble is especially invited to try their hand...

Hopefully in 4-6 weeks we will have a great set of stories and pictures to remember this glorious summer. :-)


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Yours is pretty interesting too and appears to be like mine back-to-front with the men as victims and the girls on top :-)  But still very cool and well done.
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Only suggestion I would make is to try making your subject (Amanda) more closeup and detailed... more the focal point of the picture.
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