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Hopefully you're going to like this!

I've actually been around deviantART for seven years now - lurking at first, before starting this page in 2011. DeviantART is a great place to go off wandering... to find an interesting page, someone that watched you, a person with similar tastes, look at their collections, go to those artists... and so on.  And when I noticed the other day that I had turned 2000 favorites in my collection, I wondered what I should do to mark this auspicious day.

So... it's probably safe to say anyone reading this will appreciate my taste in women.  And after Chiaki and Nasrin won the recent KO poll, beating all the 3D girls into second, the idea came to write a tribute to my favorite real-life ladies of deviantART; to thank them for their work, send some hits to their pages and, in a couple of cases, maybe encourage a return to posting on DA.

Here goes, and please note the below is NOT necessarily in order of preference... they are all amazing in their own way!

:iconmiobi: #1 Miobi Flag of Slovakia 

If you're not familiar with Miobi, then you've maybe missed the most beautiful woman on deviantART, if not the entire internet. 'Miobi' is a Slovakian combo of a beautiful model and a very talented photographer. The stunning photography, those big brown eyes and that perfect bone structure will blow you away. I honestly don't know what she is doing on DA - I mean, she should be a supermodel.  In fact she's better than the supermodels.  If I could buy shares in her I would!
D377 by miobi

:iconoxserenityxo: #2 Elle-Cosplay Canada 

Look no further for the most stunning Canadian on deviantART.  Elle appears in a huge variety of awesome self-made costumes but, however she is dressed, wigged and made-up, there is simply no hiding the fact that she is really really pretty as well.  I mean she's just... elegant.  Or should that be elle-egant.  Elle says she is naturally a brunette, but you could have had me fooled, as she totally nail Samus Aran, who is my favorite incarnation of hers.  Go check it out if you haven't already clicked!

:iconchirinstock: #3 Chiaki (Chirinstock) Flag of Australia 

It feels wrong to single out either of the Aussie 'dynamic duo' as they are both gorgeous in their own way.  But I have to give tribute to Chiaki, just for how phenomenal she looked in that red shirt.  The girls' second Star Trek shoot was my first ever DA commission, and I love seeing it crop up frequently in collections.  Chiaki tops it all by being a great sport and genuinely warm person in real life - it really was a dream come true to meet her and Nasrin for the 'Espionage' shoot.  Part Two of that will be posted soon, and I really mean it this time!
Trek09 by chirinstock

:iconforlorntreasures: #4 Cath (ForlornTreasures) Flag of Germany 

OK so here's one you might not have seen before...  but hopefully we will be seeing more of her!  If, like me, you're an armchair urban explorer(!) then you'll LOVE the photography of ForlornTreasures.  He visits sexy decaying buildings (yes I said sexy) and adds a selection of pretty models for a juxtaposition.  It's a wonderful combination, not least in the person of Cath, who is my fave of his models.  She is a blonde blue-eyed German with a lovely fragility about her.  One natural progression of FT's work (if you think like me) is an adventure/peril photo shoot.  So, I got in touch to discuss a future commission.  Cross your fingers and hope we work something out!
Cath by ForlornTreasures

:iconskomoroch: #5 Irina (Skomoroch) Flag of Russia 

Poor Irina, she always ends up dead!  Thankfully, it's all pretend!... Russian Irina is easily my favourite of the models from the portfolio of Crime-Scene Simulator Skomoroch.  When I saw Irina the first time, with her lovely brown eyes, dark hair and long legs I just KNEW that she was perfect to play my OC Ciara Nightingale.  A sequence of superb commissions followed... starting with Skom's version of 'Egyptian Nightmare'.  All of these you can preview and order at Skomoroch's deviantART page.
Last Instagram Photo-2 by Skomoroch

:iconwildplaces: #6 Cheetah (Wildplaces) Flag of Australia 

Rather like ForlornTreasures and Skomoroch, Wildplaces is another one of these enviable guys that seems to have a harem of lovely women at his disposal!  Australia is a beautiful country and it provides the wild places which are the backdrop to the ladies.  The most bewitching of the bunch is the lovely Cheetah, who is rather appropriately named after a character from the Jungle Book.  She is a charming and delicate redhead with wonderful blue/green eyes.  She also has a couple of other notable assets as you can see.  Go search Wildplaces' gallery for Cheetah and you'll see immediately why I like her so much!
Cheetah - floral print smile 2 by wildplaces

:iconjetzig: #7 Camilla S (jetZig) Flag of Norway 

Come back Camilla, I miss you!!!  Another one you may not have seen before, she is buried deep in the wonderfully eccentric (and often extreme) page of Norwegian master villain jetZig. Camilla has that wonderful sweet innocence that makes you want to dive in to jetZig's page and rescue her! She also makes a fantastic rag doll.  JetZig poses real girls better than I pose 3D ones... go see for yourself.  We did have early talks about a commission with Camilla S but sadly he lost touch with her soon after. Karma by jetZig

:iconainop: #8 AinoP Flag of Finland 

OK you maybe never saw Aino before, but I bet you will go straight over to her gallery after this! I think Basil Fawlty once said "Go have some fun with a Finn!!" and that would be very appropriate in this case. Finland's hottest girl on deviantART, Aino is a feisty redhead with piercing blue eyes. I really love how she manages to look glamorous at the same time as projecting attitude. She really is a cool customer! I hope she gets out and shoots us some new photos. I don't care if it's -20c outside!
My kinda duckface by AinoP

:icontimeisruningout: #9 Dina (TimeIsRuningOut) Flag of Israel 

Sadly gone from deviantART it seems, Dina was the first girl I saw on deviantART that made me want to make an account and click 'Watch'. But it's now been over 2 years since we saw anything of the beautiful brunette from Israel.  Hell, I think I must have a thing for brunettes with big brown-eyes (unsurprisingly I call them 'Ciaras') and what I like about Dina is that she really has the look and personality of a Ciara too (not to mention the legs).  She's a girl that loves to party - and fans of the 'girls smoking' fetish are in for a treat if they head over and check the gallery. At the same time she has a real class about her. I miss you Dina. :-(
Are you in? by TimeIsRuningOut

:icon904photophactory: #10 Karoline Kate (DGPhotographyJax) Flag of United States 

Last but by NO means least, Karoline Kate is flying the flag for the good ol' USA.  I think I must also have a 'thing' for redheads with cool blue eyes, and KK certainly fits the bill!  She has a look that I really like with a delicate jaw, small mouth, and, it has to be said, fantastic legs!  What's also great about Karoline is that she lives in ever-warm Florida and we get to see her in shorts, tied shirts and everything a good American girl should be expected to wear.  Yummy!
Flowered Karoline by 904PhotoPhactory

and so...

... that ends my review of my personal 10 faves from deviantART.  Feel free to comment below... Who was your favorite? Someone here you've discovered for the first time and fallen in love with? Anyone not on my list you'd like to recommend yourself?

Anyhow I hope you enjoyed the ride and go check out all the galleries.  Hopefully some extra attention and encouragement will help us see more of these fantastic ladies!
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